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Arduino Sprinkler System + Web control

written by Nick Armenis May 20, 2014

Picture of Arduino Sprinkler System + Web control
A smart sprinkler system for the rest of us… No soldering involved ! Just pile up a couple of shields on top of an arduino and control your sprinkler system from anywhere.

A couple of friends wanted to replicate the sprinkler system presented in this instructable but were scared by the complexity of it.

Well, it truly isn’t complicated and it does not even require to solder anything if you pick the right parts… Since I long wanted to make the system more compact, I took the opportunity to make this solder-free arduino instructable. The system is very similar to (exactly the same as?) the previous instructable and just as open (supports scheduling, twitter etc…).

Connecting this arduino to your sprinkler system will allow you to remotely turn your garden watering on and off from any web-enabled device. From there you can make it as fancy or as simple as you wish.

Enjoy !


Source: instructables.com

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