Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Personal Data according to GDPR


At company with company name Νικόλαος Αρμένης located in Corfu, Greece and henceforth referred to as “The Company”, takes all necessary measures and follows all globally accepted security policies according to national prototypes in order to protect personal data of customers/partners we process in a way ensuring that data are processed always according to legal regulations that apply to the company and third parties that might process personal data on behalf of the company. The company does not keep or process data for people under the age of 16.

Considering the legal regulations that follow:

  • relevant provisions of National Law for Personal Data Protection and for Privacy of Communications ensurance (referring indicatively and not restrictively Reg. 2472/1997 for personal data protection, Reg. 3471/2006 for life privacy protection in electronic communications field, as apply today, regulations of ensuring Privacy of Communications),
  • relevant regulations of Community Law (European General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR – 2016/679).

We provide you the processing policy of the personal data you declare and we store on behalf of our company:

Contact referring to personal data

For requests referring to personal data processing, you can contact via telephone at +30.6946994698, between 09:00 and 17:00 (Greece Time), from Monday to Friday, except national holidays or via e-mail all day long at [email protected]

Purpose and way of processing/usage of personal data

The purpose and way of personal data processing company keep are different according to the way of collection and service for which data were asked to be collected. There are services that The Company can’t provide if they do not have specific types of Personal Data, for example (referring indicatively and not restrictively) personal data required for domain name registration that are declared to respective Domain Registry (according to domain’s tld).

Purposes of processing personal data of our customers/partners:

(a) providing services that the customer requires from our company.

Following we are providing the points were we will ask for your personal data:

Contact Form of our company via

  • name and surname
  • Telephone or mobile number
  • e-mail address

These data will be used to contact you to reply to your request and fall under subjects’ rights as mentioned below.


New Contact Form via user’s panel (Plesk login)

  • name and surname, full address, telephone number and/or mobile number to contact you, fax number to contact you (individuals)
  • company name, discreet title, full address, VAT, IRS, occupation, telephone number and/or mobile number to contact you, fax number to contact you (companies)
  • e-mail address, to receive notifications for services you activate via our company
  • Identity number for individuals (not required field)

These data will be used to create billing contact in our ERP μας so you can add orders via customers’ panel for this specific contact. In addition we will be able to issue invoices/receipts declaring these data. Personal data declared here fall under subjects’ rights as mentioned below.

 Via e-mail

E-mails sent from and to our company can be stored to improve the quality of services and ensure the procedures for providing services. The data that will be included in e-mail messages during your communication with our company, will be registered to respective form as mentioned above and fall under purposes and ways of processing apply for them.

 Legal reasons of processing personal data we keep

The personal data you provide are stored and processed if we have a legal reason for this processing.

Legal reasons for processing your personal data:

(a) providing services that you assign to us and want us to provide you, for example, domain name registration or hosting activation, and as a result, fulfilling contractual obligations of our company in this field. In addition, the data are required to issue the respective invoice/receipt for the services or products you will choose to get from our company. They are also necessary to support your service, to contact you about your services (renewal, expiration, etc.) and generally wherever it is logically necessary or required to maintain legal or regulatory requirements, dispute resolution, prevent fraud and abuse or terms and conditions enforcement.

Underage and children

The Company doesn’t provide services or products to children and under the age of 16. If you are under 16 years old, you may use our website only with the participation and approval of your parent or guardian.

Transmission/Notification of your data:

The Company has the ability to transmit your personal data to third parties to which the company assigns personal data processing under specific terms.

In particular:

These data are transmitted to companies cooperating with the Company to provide services for the execution of which this data transmission is necessary and always with your consent. We refer indicatively and not restrictively, SSL providers, domain name registries like Greek Authority (EETT), EURid, OnlineNIC, etc during domain name registration. This data transmission takes place only for purposes that serve the contract between The Company and the respective individual or legal entity.

In these cases, the Company remains responsible for your data’s processing and defines the terms of processing. The company is obliged to verify that the third parties to which data processing is assigned ensure that the processing takes place according to current legal regulations and that each individual can freely and with no obstacles exercise their rights included in this legal regulations.

 The infrastructure where personal data files are stored

Applications that Company uses to maintain procedures defined by respective regulatory and legal framework, are functioning to a safe environment covered with SSL certificate to encrypt all data transmitted via these services/applications. Virtual or physical servers used to store and execute personal data processing have integrity ensurance programs and unauthorized processing prevention programs while covered with security software to prevent malware attack.

 Time Frame of Data Storage

Time frame of data storage is decided according to below specific criteria for each case:

– When data processing is enforced as obligation from regulations of current legal framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as these regulations require.

– When data processing is executed according to contract, your personal data will be stored for as long as the contract execution requires.

– For product and services promotion purposes (marketing activities), your personal data will be stored until you revoke your consent any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on your prior consent during the time frame before the revoke.

We will, also, keep your account’s data for as long as you maintain it as active and have not requested its deletion. Your data given to us in order to provide services will be maintained for as long as it is needed so we can continue to provide these services. Since it is logically necessary or required to follow legal or regulatory requirements, dispute resolution, prevent fraud and abuse or terms and conditions enforcement, we might keep some of your information, as required, even after your account’s expiration or no longer need of our services.

To withdraw your consent, you may contact our company via:

email: [email protected]

tel: (0030)6946994698

 Subject’s rights regarding their personal data

Each individual the data of which are processing subject for Company has the following rights:

Access right:

You have the right to know and confirm that your data are legally processed. So, at any time, you have the right to access your data and ask for additional information regarding their processing.

Correction right:

You have the right to correct, validate or modify your personal data either via contacting our company or directly via user’s panel in our system.

Deletion right:

You have the right to request your personal data deletion. You can do that in order to protect your legal interests or even with no reason. In cases like, for example, contract sign, legal processing data obligation, public interest, etc, this right falls under specific limitations or is not applicable at all depending on the case.

Limited data processing right:

You have the right to ask for limited processing of your personal data in following cases: (a) when you question your personal data integrity and until their verification, (b) when you opposed to personal data deletion and request limited processing instead, (c) when your personal data are not required for processing purposes but they are essential for foundation, exercise, support of legal claims, and (d) when you oppose to processing and until verification that there are legal reasons referring to us and overcome the reasons you oppose to processing.

Oppose to processing right:

You have the right to oppose to your personal data processing any time, even in cases that, as described above, it is necessary for legal interests’ purposes we pursue as processing managers, and even in processing for direct marketing promotion purposes and consulers’ profile building.

Portability right:

You have the right to receive your personal data with no charge in a form that will allow you to have access, use and process them with common methods. You have, also, the right to request data transmission to another process manager, if this is technically possible. This right exists for data you have provided to us and for which data processing is implemented automatically according to your consent or via execution of relevant contract.

Revoke consent right:

The Company informs you that since the data processing is based on your consent, you have the right to revoke it freely but without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on your prior consent during the time frame before the revoke. To withdraw your consent you may contact our company via:

email: [email protected]

tel: (0030)6946994698

Personal Data Security

The Company applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure safe personal data processing and prevent random loss or destruction or/and illegal access, usage modification or revelation. At any case, the way the internet works and the fact that it is free to anyone, it does not allow to provide guarantees that nonauthoritative third parties will never have the ability to violate the technical and organizational measures applied and gain access and probable usage of personal data for non-authoritative purposes.

Last update of Personal Data privacy policy: 27/8/2021